We design environments that support your best lived life

Who We Are

We Three Design Studio is a collaboration between Sam Salinas and Kirsten Grove

Thoughtful design for your home, your business, and your life

Pulling from their extensive experience in interiors, architecture and art, the designers envisioned a Boise Interior Design Studio dedicated to creating spaces that support the unique vision, and desires of their clients. The collaboration between Sam, Kirsten, and the client create a threefold partnership that can’t be broken.

We Three believes that architecture, interiors, and objects have a powerful impact on our lives. They tell a story of who we are, where we came from, and most importantly where we want to go. We Three creates environments that nurture human beings where they live, and work. The team keeps trends at arm's length, and structures their design work with authenticity and intention, paying close attention to the individual needs of every client.